Moving to Blogger

I’ve moved my blog over to Blogger, and it can now be found at just

If you had this site bookmarked, bookmark the new one. If you were reading via WordPress’ default RSS feed, please unsubscribe and subscribe to the FeedBurner feed, which will update from the new site. If you always subscribed via FeedBurner, congratulations, you shouldn’t have to do anything. One of the many reasons FeedBurner is awesome.

For all the whys and hows,
Why: I used to blog from using Blogger, way back in the heady days of ’06 (pronounced “aught-six”). Then I switched to, because the WordPress platform has a ton of awesome plug-ins.

But for all those awesome plug-ins, only lets you use those approved by their admins, which there aren’t very many of. You also can’t edit the actual HTML of your blog at, which I wanted to do to edit the feed auto-discovery links. Finally, I couldn’t figure out how to get to point to Three strikes.

And back to Blogger it was…

How: I fully expected the migration to be painful and arduous. It was actually far from it. A few minutes using the very handy BlogSync and I was on my way. Highly recommended.


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